Happiness in the Escape from Reality


Blanche (Sophie Marceau) and Lucas (Jacques Dutronc) both had a cruel past that is haunting them until the day they died. At first they didn’t know about a thing about each other, because they only meet at the restaurant, but they had a quick chemistry burning them up.


Blanche is a psychic who has a traumatizing past with his father and now, she was stuck with his husband that he doesn’t love. Lucas on the other hand has seen with his own naked eyes how his father drowned his mother in the lake. But another problem of Lucas’ is he had a condition in his brain, it’s dying. They both saw happiness with each other, and when they are with each other; they have their own world, their own escape from reality.

When Blanche foresaw what happened to Lucas in the past, she then understand what’s going through Lucas’ mind and she stayed with him. She also shared her secret from the past because she believes that she doesn’t have the right to invade someone’s privacy and since she can’t help it, she’s paying back through stripping or in Lucas’ case, she told her story about her past.



The main characters have very serious problems but the director (Andrej Zulawski) gave life to their dying characters. He puts twists and turns, and he also made it comedic to somewhat lighten up the mood. The supporting actors and actresses were very funny, the quirkiness of Blanche and the craziness of Lucas. As I see it, one of Zulawski’s messages is to live our life to the fullest. We should never waste any time, because any moment, we might die. But with Blanche and Lucas, they knew that they would find their happiness through dying with each others arms.


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