Forever, Blade Runner

Blade runner was a sci-fi type of movie; this film wants us to have an insight of what might happen in the future.


In the near future, have this story about clones. There was this man named Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) which was a blade runner,






a blade runner is like a soldier in the present time but has a different purpose, they were trained to shoot replicants; replicants are clones formed like humans, they can only live for about 4 years. Rick were searching for replicants then he met this one replicant that made him bewildered because he noticed that she is different from the others, her system was advanced in terms of having emotions, and she can actually feel sadness her name is Rachael. He was given the task to find Roy, the older one and was said to be the leader of replicants that kill people in charge to kill them. Roy was looking for the creator of them all and in the process, he met Sebastian who kept and helped Pris (another replicant), he became a way of getting to the maker. He killed him after he stuck out his eyes. On the other side of the story, Rick and Rachael are having this messy relationship, they are not supposed to fall in love with one another, but it happened and the replicant got more confused. One night Rick was hunting for a replicant and he succeeded on killing her but right after that; he was almost killed by another replicant, but luckily, Rachael was there and put a bullet inside to another replicant. Then there came to a point when Rick and Roy were searching for each other and trying to kill one another. They were chasing each other until Rick almost died climbing up to the top of the building, but the weird thing was Roy helped him and saved his life. Roy talked to him emotionally, because it was his time to die and he explained his side of the story.


The ending was Rick and Rachael ran away and hides from the authority to live their lives happily.


            The actors were great, most especially the lead actor, Harrison Ford, he portrayed the hard life of a blade runner, which was supposed to be fierce and violent, although he was not that of a brutal type of blade runner, because he was confused, he is falling in love with a replicant which he supposed to kill. His acting skills were believable, it’s like everything is happening to him in real life although the scene of the climbing at a building was not that realistic, but it was ok, besides, that was the future the movie is portraying. His lover was so beautiful, but that is not her only strength, she was also a good actress, her conflicting emotions were easily defined. The leader of the replicants, Roy, was also a good actor, he is really terrifying. His actions were weird and scary but it was the character’s personality which he played very well. The rest of the characters were good as well, I think they really internalized and thought of their role very well.

            In my opinion, this is a good movie, although I didn’t appreciate it that much and I know that it has a deeper message for its audience, or maybe because I didn’t understand some of the conversation, it was sometimes soft and sometimes rough. For a 2005 film, I think the editing was that good, the actors were great but the audio is a pain, I was kind of deaf actually, but I can say that it is a good view in the future but bad for the ugliness it represents. There’s not much of a value and a lesson, although I understand that if you love somebody, you will do anything just to be with them, but what I don’t understand was that Rachael’s emotions were so very close as to a human, which a clone shouldn’t have, but I really appreciate the sacrifice Rick did, he sacrificed his job and time to spend with Rachael even if he knew that she will die eventually.



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