The Matrix (1999) A Film Review

We are all residual images living inside the matrix.


The Matrix is a 1999 movie by the Wachowski brothers that falls under the science fiction film genre. The theme of the movie can be a metaphor of many situations happening in the present. It can be a metaphor for technologically entangled individuals, for man’s superiority, for a psychological state that might be happening inside a human’s brain and it can also be man’s attitude towards the government.

The movie detached us from the real world in order for us to see the other side of the world. I perceived the story as a heroic story. I found a hero in Neo’s character. Neo was destined to save Morpheus and the rest of the team. Like a butterfly, he underwent metamorphosis to discover himself. It took him time to discover his capabilities and his potentials. When the hardest test inside the Matrix world came, he realized that he is the one – the one destined to create change.


The Matrix is a computer generated real world that best represents our dreams. We are living in a Matrix, a world that is being governed by our dreams. We are all residual images that keep on imagining who we want to be. That sometimes, we are being satisfied with the pleasure that we get from dreaming. Neo can be a metaphor of our hidden side. A side that we still haven’t discovered yet. There is a hero inside each of us that is being hindered by our fears and our doubts. Like what Neo did, we have to overcome those fears and let courage live above us. We have our mission for existence. In the film, Neo’s mission is to save his team and to find his successor. In reality, our mission is to get out of the imaginary world and actuate our dreams.

For me, The Matrix movie has only one message – to accept and start change.

In artistic aspects, the movie is formalist-inspired. It has psychological implications and it depicts a virtual world. The movie changed the dimension of the viewers in a way that they made use of a computer system to indicate the setting of the film. It is superficial and the characters’ life inside the Matrix is being supported by the system. Over all, the Matrix movie is another benchmark film in the genre of SciFi movies.


(C) JAPascua2012