Choose Not To Fear


I have met a lot of people who have regrets in life because of not doing things they wish they did. Things that they failed to do because of fear. As I reflect on their life story’s lesson, I realized that chances in life are useless if we don’t have a courageous heart to assert it.

People might think that where they are now is already the best place for them to be. But what if they had the courage to risk further? Could they have a kind of life that they better deserve?

A year ago, I was torn between choosing what I want for myself and sacrificing it just to open myself for more possibilities in life. It was a hard decision because everything was going smoothly according with what was planned. But, I have to make a choice. I felt like my life was so predictable back then. I longed for excitement and unpredictability of events. So one day, I decided to scrap all my plans and started everything again from scratch. I flipped the other side of the coin. I made a decision that I thought I will never make. I LET GO OF THE LIFE THAT I LOVE.

I made that decision wholeheartedly as a form of personal sacrifice to further know myself – who I am and what I really want to be.

It is natural for people to feel fear on attempting to try new things. But sometimes, we have to filter those fears that are already irrational, fears that hinder us to let courage grow within ourselves.

At first, my choice’s outcome did not turn out to be pleasing, I failed and that failure is what I considered as the major turning point of my life. I admit that it struck me deeply. In the process of my recovery, I learned that victory is not always for the victorious and success is not always about winning.

There is no escape from rejections and disappointments. Once we meet them along the way, it really can rob us of our positivity and hope. The best way to fight them is to be proactive and treat them as springboards which can slowly lead us to success. Failures should not stop us from reaching our dreams. At the end of the day, we have to stand, be still and keep going in life.

The opportunity cost of our decisions should always contribute to our betterment and maturity as travellers of life. Most importantly, our story should be a living legacy and an inspiration. We are given unique potentials and we should choose to actualize it and share it to others.

Life is chaotic that sometimes it makes us want to escape.  But if we’re going to look at the bigger landscape, it is actually an amazing avenue to explore, socialize and learn from the stories of other people.


Life gives us less excitement when we do everything according to our plan. Sometimes, try to disregard it and give other things a try and just see what happens. At certain point, we have to jump off and make our way out because that is the best way for us to explore possibilities. We have to chase every single chance. We all need to have a brave heart and initiate the first step. Playing safe and avoiding risks will not lead us to anything extra-ordinary.

Do not let fear spoil what’s really inside you and what you can really do because sometimes, the things that you did not plan to have are the things that will glorify you at the end.