Truly a LEGEND

I am LEGEND is truly a legend in the film history, in December 14, 2007 was the first showing of the movie and it became blockbuster which lead them earning $ 585 million. It is truly a pricey film.


Yes, we are all awed with the outstanding acting by one of the best actors in history, Will Smith and luckily they had him for the role, because after the movie has ended, there were some questions raised in my head. First, why is there an alpha male in the group of the infected human? Can they communicate with each other? If yes why Robert Neville did stated that “human behavior is now entirely absent”

A butterfly means metamorphosis or growth but in this movie, butterfly symbolized answers for Dr. Neville. The butterfly was shown in the different parts o the movie, when her daughter whispered

“Daddy, look, it’s a butterfly”

when he saw the butterfly shape in the broken glass, and the butterfly tattoo Anna had. The butterfly helped him find the cure and a reason to have faith, when all doors are closing. He found Anna; she has been the reason, why Dr. Neville was known. Why he became legendary.




I say, this is one of the best “zombie movies” although it’s not really a zombie because they don’t eat human flesh, they just harm them. The movie has a specific reason, why the outbreak happened and a clear ending, and that’s what made it unique; it’s because of the false finding for the cure for cancer. It is also different from other “zombie movies” because somewhat they can still think, but they don’t have the capacity to understand their old lives, to understand human but they can understand that they have enemies. The ending was legendary for Dr. Neville found the cure and had to sacrifice himself afterwards, but his life was never wasted and his sacrifice will always be remembered.


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