RED: Retired Extremely Dangerous

Bruce Willis woke up and was synchronized with the clock is the first scene and it really created an establishing shot even if it wasn’t wide-angle shot, it had already shown that the character of Bruce Willis was disciplined, well-organized and regimented.




It was a smart choice of the talent manager to get Bruce Willis for he is perfect for the part; he was a tough-looking guy and as Victoria said “gooey in the inside” he also has a sense of humor that really pleased the audience and catch even more their attention. They also cast Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, Mary-Louise Parker, John Malkovich, Brian Cox, Karl Urban which also perfectly fit their role. All of their movement were MOSTLY believable there are just some scenes wherein I don’t actually believe it’s true, like the part where the pistol gun against the rocket launcher or the jumping scene of Cooper to the car where the Vice President is or the part where he got off the car while it is moving.


Those parts would be the parts wherein the director is reminding the audience that this is not real; that they should all believe that the movie is just a movie, an entertainment and nothing else, they don’t let their audience be attached to the movie.


Their roles were also to show the audience how legit they were, how they could kill someone without fear and with control, even if they have the similarities of being “Retired Extremely Dangerous”, they also have their own roles to fill in. Frank Moses as the humble agent, tough but romantic, William Cooper as the next Frank Moses, Joe Matheson as the Retiree who has lung cancer and sacrificed himself, Ivan Simonov as the Russian Intelligence who was light (easy lang) with the work, Marvin Boggs as the crazy guy but gets the job done and is almost right about everything, and of course, the one that really stand out was the only girl in the retired agents, Victoria (Helen Mirren) has the moves of the guys, she was being a Bad-Ass-Retired Girl Agent, and this actually shows the feminist theory part, wherein women having control and power.


Marvin keeps on telling them on how they should not trust the system, the system here is the government and everyone working for it, he told them that the government were killing them and he was right, they found out that the CIA were on to them.  They also included prominent people like the Vice President of the United States of America. The Vice President in the movie used to be behind all the killing of RED, although he was not the mastermind, he was still a part of the killings. This secretly tells the people that even the ones we trust with our life can and may betray us.

Postcards as a transition perfectly established the next scenes, there are parts wherein the picture comes to life, they have it animated and together with the song that is appropriate for the place they were going also made it more interesting and likable.


The book Love’s Savage Secret that was mentioned in the movie is a metaphor of what is really happening to the character’s life.

Being part of the audience, I really enjoyed the movie, not only because of its comedy-action-drama-romance type of movie, but it gave me a sense of awareness that you can no trust anybody but trust the people you know fully or your “true friends” as they say. 

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