One More Chance: A Filipino All-time Favorite Film



After One More Chance was shown in the movie theaters way back in 2007, it created a character-hangover that everyone who watched it wants to be the main character of the film – Popoy & Basha.

Aside from having two of the biggest stars in the contemporary Philippine Cinema, John Lloyd Cruz & Bea Alonzo, movie goers especially teenagers can completely relate to the plot of the story.

One More Chance portrayed a story of Popoy (John Lloyd) and Basha (Bea) wherein they needed a space in their relationship to find themselves for a while. Popoy is an engineer while Basha is an architect. Basha was the one who first asked to have a ‘cool-off’ in their relationship because she felt like Popoy is being so overprotective to her, depriving her of her freedom as a person. It had been a hard process for Popoy to accept the reality that Basha wanted space. He drowns himself every night & cries every time he remembers and imagines his memories with Basha. Until such time that Popoy wa able to retrieve himself and he met Trisha (Maja Salvador) and they started dating each other until finally, Trisha became Popoy’s new girlfriend. Popoy and Basha met each other because they need to design the house of Popoy’s aunt. It was a promise that Popoy and Basha made to Popoy’s aunt when they were still together, that they will design her house. Seeing Popoy strong again after their break-up, it made Basha feel a sudden regret. She wants to have Popoy back again. Popoy being overridden by his pride and pain decided not to make up with Basha. Popoy decided to leave the country for a working opportunity abroad at the same time, to think over his relationship with Basha. After such time, Popoy returned the country and meet Basha in the site where Basha is the architect of the building. Popoy then, invited Basha for a coffee and a talk, and that’s how the story ended.

One More Chance’s Influence on Pinoy Teenagers


The character of Basha benchmarked the idea that if a woman is broken hearted or is in the process of moving on, one way to predict that situation is when that woman will cut her hair short. Basha dictated that trend which now influenced the stereotyping power of the youth. Teenagers now stereotypes that if a woman cuts her hair short, it means she underwent a break-up or is totally depressed.


One More Chance also gave its viewers lines or dialogues in the movie that they will never forget.

 One More Chance proved the “mirror image” by Lacan in the Psychonalytical  Film Theory. The viewers were able to relate to the film because somehow, they find their personality in one of the characters in thr film or they find their lovestory exactly the same as the film’s characters. The film gave them a mirror image which reflected their own story.

One More Chance currently holds the 6th place in highest-grossing Filipino film of all time. 

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