How One More Try ruled the 38th MMFF

“Ang pera natin hindi basta-basta nauubos. Pero ang pasensya ko, konting-konti na lang.” is one of the famous lines in the film One More Try that became viral in almost all media channels that made people curious about the film. Image


“Deviant” is the adjective that best suits the film One More Try. One More Try won the Best Picture Award in the recently held 38th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF). The film was directed by Ruel S. Bayani.

One More Try benchmarked another twist in Philippine drama film’s storyline. From the title, “One More Try” it might give the mass an impression that its all about the wife-husband-mistress love affair story.

One More Try highlighted a story about trust, love and mother-son love.

From the storyline, build-up of the story up to the characters, all were deviated.

The lead characters were Angelica Panganiban (as Jacq), Dingdong Dantes (as Edward) and Angel Locsin (as Grace) disclosed another side of the coin in their acting styles in the film.

Angelica Panganiban who played the role of Jacq, a loving and successful career woman who has a hard time giving his husband a child turned the other side of Angelica’s acting. Audience usually see Angelica in her films as daring, liberated, loud and a party-girl type of character,  she was able to conquer her dramatic role as a wife in OMT. Jacq, tries to be a perfect wife because she thinks that it’s the only way she can do for Edward (Dingdong Dantes) to ease Edward’s longing to have a child. Jacq is an understanding wife who supports all the possible options in order to save Botchok (Edward & Grace’s son) She’s so supportive that she lend his husband to Grace for a one night stand.


Dingdong Dantes played the role of Edward who is a husband that is longing for a child. During his college years, Edward made a mistake when she fell inlove with Grace (Angel Locsin) and their affair resulted to their son. Dingdong showed a romantic and daring character in the film as he had love scenes with Angelica and Angel .


Angel Locsin played the role of Grace, a mother who will do everything just to save her son from his illness. Angel admitted in an interview with Boy Abunda that she had a hard time in her role since it is her first time to act the role of being a mother. Angel of course, never experienced to be a mother in real life which added the difficulty of her character. Botchok (Miguel Vergara) is Grace & Edward’s son who is diagnosed with a disease & is recommended by the doctor to have an urgent bone marrow transplant. The last and only option to cure their son is to have another baby and to conceive it in a natural way. Grace will do everything just to save the life of their son. She agreed to have a one night stand with his former love interest, Edward. No feelings attached, just sex.

The storyline of the film also tackled about trust in marriage. Jacq agreed to lend Edward to Grace for a one night stand in order to conceive another child which will give cure to their son’s disease. The martyrdom of Jacq of doing that simply shows that there is a trust in their relationship though it tainted their relationship at first.

One More Try being the “deviant” film in the MMFF led them to be the Best Picture on the recent Metro Manila Film Fest. Dindong Dantes won as the Best Actor in this film. 


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